Islamic Classes

A few students of Shaikh Jamaal Zarabozo collaborate to take notes online. The goal is to capture the knowledge and information, however we have not spent any time to eliminate any errors. 

Please feel free to benefit from these notes, with one important caveat, these notes have not been sanctioned or reviewed by Shaikh Jamaal Zarabozo. These notes are only for the benefit of the students of the class who attended them, you might be missing a large portion of the context of the notes.

If you feel that these notes are beneficial, I would encourage you to sign up and attend the classes. You will be supporting a scholar to pursue the task of acquiring knowledge. Please register for classes at

Classes are held at online on Saturday & Sunday afternoons and evenings, and on Monday & Tuesday evenings. You can attend the classed online once you register and pay for the classes. 

All of the classes are taught by Shaikh Jamaal Zarabozo. If you have never attended classes taught by him or attended any of his public lectures, you are missing out on an incredible opportunity to learn directly from a scholar. He is continuing the tradition of our earlier scholars of Quran, Hadith and Arabic language, and it is our duty to benefit from his knowledge and his time.

If there are any errors, please let me know, you can reach me at